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Seen' Workshop

A workshop for couples & folks in partnership wanting concrete tools to move past the habitual patterns of triggers & isolation, and toward intimacy & awareness. 

This workshop will give you tools for:


-Coping with stress 

-Navigating conflict 

-Understanding your own response patterns

-Nervous system regulation skills + co-regulation skills 

-Stress management


March 21st


$250 per Couple

Limited-Space   Scholarships Available 


Margaret King


Margaret King (she/her) is a holistic, trauma-informed therapist & witch here in Portland. In her private practice, she supports a range of clients using a person-centered, social justice, feminist, and transpersonal lens.


Margaret works primarily with folks in the LGBTQ+ community, empaths, survivors, and sex workers. She is passionate about facilitating deeper human connection, somatic & embodiment practices, and centering pleasure within the healing process. 

Margaret received her MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark College and has lived in Portland for about 5.5 years. She moved here from New Orleans, LA and is a native of the South.


David Hayden


David Hayden (he/him) is a somatic, trauma-informed emotionally-focused therapist. In his private practice, he works with men struggling with emotional regulation, couples stuck in patterns of disconnection and individuals with religious trauma. 

He has training in GestaltMBSR, Mindfulness, and AF-EMDR as well as EFT. He approaches therapy relationally, with a focus on awareness and staying in the present moment. 

He received his MA in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage & Family, Professional Counseling and Career Counseling from St. Mary's College of California and has been in Portland for over three years. He originally is from Minnesota. 


Learn core skills that will aid you in developing deeper connections.


Unpack your relational "blocks" which may manifest as anxiety, depression, low self-image.


Build a community with like-minded people!

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