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Consulting Services

For Healers, Coaches, Therapists and others looking to expand their business offerings or those looking for collaboration on how to work with those who have religious trauma.

Expand Your Reach

Looking to shift what you are doing on the day to day, but stuck on what that can look like? 

Having been in the healing field for many years now, I've seen quite a few healers and coaches become burnt out on their work. They love the field, and the client's they work with, but they feel stuck in some way they can't fully define. In addition, they have worked with others consultants, and might have even taken a program, but the finally product felt hollow to them. Working with me: C Looking to work with those healers that are wanting to make their mark, uniquely able to balance core integrity with an individualized style that works for you.  

  • We will discover what core needs you have as you expand your offerings, what is and isn't working for you. 

  • We will define the outcome you are looking for, from reaching more people, to looking to diversify your income

  • We will then create an ideal structure for you and how you work, blending all we've learned in our time together into clear next steps and goals, as well as ideas for you to dive into right away, post consultation. 

Collabrative Care

Religious trauma survivors have unique needs and understanding those needs, as well as how to work with them, is ideal for quality care outcomes. 

Often when religious trauma survivors would find me, they would comment on how the other therapists they worked with, didn't fully "get it" when it came to their concern. Other's would report a lack of sensitivity to their concerns, and that they were always hyper aware of the therapists needs and interventions they were trying to do. 

Offering care to those coming from a religious trauma background is deeply important, and working with healers to define how to do this work, as well as red flags to watch out for, and considerations to keep in mind when providing care to these individuals is key in treatment success. In addition working with me to build a collaborative consulting relationship often empowers those looking to offer services to those coming from religious trauma in a way that helps them focus on core needs and make the progress they desire. 

  • We will talk about some of the unique needs of those coming from religious trauma

  • We will discuss the self-of-the-healer that often comes up when working with those from this population

  • We will unpack together what is and isn't working to identify core key steps. 

Our Process

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Our Process


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