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Inner Journey's

Come Discover Your Inner world

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What is Inner Journeys EMDR?

Inner Journey is a group space to come and discover the reaches of your inner landscape, and uses tools from Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and Internal Family Systems to enhance your journey of self-developmental. Inner Journey's EMDR will provide you with the tools to do this and is excellent for those who are curious about EMDR, and want to learn more. 

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What Can I expect?

Inner Journey's is comprised of six weekly meetings of up to six people, who want to learn the tools that EMDR has to offer. 

Throughout those six weeks, we will go on a journey to will lead you to a more regulated, and resourced nervous system, as well as expand your capacity to process deeply held negative beliefs. We will combine teaching, practice, and group processing to allow deep and lasting change to occur. 

The cost of the group is $360 and each group session is one hour long. Each group member is required to meet for a consult, in order to ensure appropriate fit for the group, and more details on how to go about setting that up are below. 

Next Group Starting:
Group Deadline:
February 6th 2024; 6:30pm-7:30pm
January 16th 2024
Please note this is a small group, so space is limited.

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