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This process-oriented group seeks to cultivate a place of safety and exploration around the use of psychedelics, cannabis, and non-ordinary states of awareness. Through community discussion, mindfulness, and somatic practices, we will support a harm-reduction approach to the use of these substances. This group will be relevant for those returning from an experience or venturing into one.


4 Weeks Closed Group

Limited Spots

Two Trained Therapists

Meets Tuesday's

6:30PM- 8PM

$45 A Session

Starts September 22th

Deadline to Join: September 10th

The Facilitators


David Hayden

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David Hayden is an integration therapist, with experience and training in non-ordinary states of awareness. An experienced meditator, his approach to therapy is grounded in attachment, paying attention to the present moment and providing space. With training from the Zendo Project, as well as his ability to support individuals in the process of integration David brings a trauma-informed, respectful, and compansion-filled lens to individuals and couples with experience in psychedelic states.


Lucius Wheeler

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 Lucius works with individuals, relationships, and groups, and uses a warm, relational style, grounded in the present moment, to support his clients to discover and pursue their unique interests, wants, and needs. Lucius has offered integration support to groups and individuals in the United States and abroad since 2010. With a background in chemical dependency treatment and harm reduction, and informed by his own journey, Lucius brings an integrated awareness of and respect for the risks, challenges, and potential rewards of these transformative experiences.

"Muddy water is cleared by leaving it alone." - Alan Watts

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