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An Inner Journey

What would you do?

 With a community of men around you, that offered you support, clarity, advice, and emotional feedback.


That sought to help you with your goals, visions, and dreams.


What would you accomplish?


What would you inspire yourself to do?


What are the wounds you would heal? What are the ways you would expand and allow yourself to grow?


Come connect with other humans, through the practice of journeying into our inner community, and finding ways to comment on this often unexplored landscape.

As a culture, we are currently in the process of reflecting on, what does healthy masculinity look like? We are often using the phrase, "toxic masculinity", however, men are often left alone to navigate the landscape of their masculinity, or even worse, given some sort of prescriptive model of what masculinity is "suppose" to look like. 

Come discover a group, that presents, no idealized form of masculinity, and instead works with men to uncover their own unique version of masculinity, through the tools that empower them to move through their own inner landscape. 

To An Outer Community

Image by Lina Verovaya

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Mountainous Landscape
Image by youssef naddam

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The Details

Start Date: March 16th 2023

Time: 5:30-6:30 pm

Commitment: Four Months, Once a month meeting, and one-on-one work.

Cost: $35 a Session

Location: Online

Registration Required by: March 9th 2023

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