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Meditation Resource

Meditation is now a common word within American culture. Or to be more specific the term "mindfulness" is used, when we talk about the health benefits from meditation. We understand now that using mindfulness within our communication, actions and relationships results in a greater sense of agency, as well as lower anxiety and depression like symptoms.

However when I often hear people speak about meditation, none of it seems to come from a trauma-informed perspective. It is with that in mind that I made some of the following tracks, come check them out, and see if any of them you find useful.

A wonderful place to start, if you are just getting into meditation.

We are just beginning to understand all the ways that the vagal nerve helps us in our daily lives and relationships. This is a quick meditation that is meant to help you become aware of this nerve and it's power to assist you in daily life.

Are you a therapist, nurse, or a caregiver in some way? This visualization oriented meditation is meant for those in the helping profession that need a bit more space in their inner lives.

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