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Come find a therapy that meets you where you are at.

Let's Meet

How it works...

Connecting with a therapist doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be a challenge. But in today's world we are often disconnected, or offered too many options to really get a sense of what we are in for. Online therapy helps us bypass the schedule confusion. We will instead work with the pace of life while offering trauma-informed care that connects. 

We will, get a sense of what is happening for you, design goals and work to build a path that will make a difference. All of this from the comfort of your desktop. 

Reasons to do Teletherapy

Image by Markus Spiske


People with disabilities, location or transportation issues benefit from therapy that does not require a trip to a physical location and waiting for an appointment to begin.

Image by Jen P.


Online therapy and coaching  is easier for people who have trouble communicating, have social anxiety or are trauma survivors. Some people feel more comfortable opening up when they are online.

Covid-19 Relief
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