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Passionate About Inspiring Others


Finding, and choosing a therapist is such a deeply personal progress.

Someone who understands your values, who knows how to balance offering

insight and challenge with compassion, these are all determined on such

individual levels.


I believe that the process of therapy is one that begins with and

continues through the nature of connection (more on this below), and that

therapy requires a therapist that is willing to be open and collaborative with

you. I’ll let you know that I often hear my style of conducting therapy is

depth-oriented, relaxed, direct, resourceful and willing to be with you in your


I love the teaching and growth that can come from therapy, and if I'm honest the field also has a host of problems, one that I hear often is therapists that aren't collaborative with their clients. By this I mean the therapist doesn't actively take in their feedback, and use that to inform the progress and depth of therapy, they don't listen to the need to deeply understand what is taking place in the room between two humans, and often exit into a right-brain fake empathy or intervention. 

If you can't tell by now, I'm a bit forward in how I offer therapy, and the work I do is depth-oriented, i.e. I want to get to the core of your concerns, not just seek to make one moment better, though this can also be important. I choose my clients as much as they choose me, and deeply invest in them, for however long our journey is together. 

How I Work


The therapy that I seek to provide is guided by the principles of somatic and attachment-oriented psychotherapy, as well as depth psychotherapy. What this means in plain english is that rather than focus just on how life presently presents itself, I work with clients to go deeply into their already developed, and sensitive inner worlds to engage in the process of memory reconsolidation and healing. I explore with them their inner worlds, making meaning and help them to understand their unique interpersonal neurobiology. I also seek to understand your unique needs and desires, and believe that therapy can contain a ton of bullshit and traps, that I do my best to not fall into. 

I also believe that being embodied, working to regulate our nervous systems, and exploring the depths of ourselves, enables us to find new placement in the world, new understanding of our relationship patterns, and a sense of being that feels integrated, that accepts our shadow and our parts of self for all they are. 


I seek to provide a space that can let you meet yourself fully, feel understood, and collaborate in the therapeutic process. I tend to work well with those who have had some exposure to therapy but feel they might not be making the progress they desire. I seek to educate, collaborate, and balance the art and science of therapy throughout the process we on-going work we engage with together.


  • Master's degree with honors in Counseling with an emphasis on Licensed Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling & Career Counseling.

  • Passage of the CPCE Exam (Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination)

  • 10+ years working with individuals and groups on mental health concerns and challenges in a variety of settings

  • Clinical Internship completed at UC Berkeley working with graduate and undergraduate students on mental health concerns and career challenges.

  • 5+ years leading groups addressing a variety of mental health concerns

  • A 1-Year Intensive Training program on humanistic and empathic attunement 

  • Over 6+ years of experience as a meditation practitioner 


  • Certification in Advanced Suicidality

  • Certification in Harm-Reduction

  • Certification in working with difficult Psychedelic experiences

  • Certification of Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

  • EMDRIA Level-One & Two Training in EMDR

  • EMDRIA IFS & EMDR Training (In-Progress)

  • EMDRIA Attachment-Focused EMDR

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (#C5783)

  • SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) certification in progress via  Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

  • Healing the Heart with the Brain in Mind with Bonnie Badenoch 

  • 17-week Training IFS and IFS Informed EMDR

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