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EMDr Intensives

Benefits of Intensives


Often individuals will comment that 50-minutes just isn't enough to get to the depth of what they want. Intensives change that. 


Highly designed, imperial program, flexable to meet needs while still having a designated structure


While weekly psychotherapy is impactful, it's often just a drop in the bucket. Intensives offer something more.

Religious Trauma

Intensives are ideal for those dealing with Religious Trauma, as the approach allows us to hit on multiple concerns at once. You can read a bit more about what religious trauma is, and how I work with it here. 

Attachment Style

Our attachment style impacts everything in our daily life, from our interpersonal relationships to our very nervous systems. Often the events that influence our attachment style are deep, and require a depth oriented approach, that extends beyond 50 minutes, to reach them. 


While there is no best way of treating PTSD, there are several methods, including EMDR, that can provide significant relief for people who are struggling with the symptoms of their past trauma. An Intensive approach allows us to attend to trauma through a comprehensive lens. 


What to expect

Click on the button below to access our FAQ on what to expect, pricing and more. 

Methods we use

We utilize a variety of solution-focused therapeutic techniques, but below are some of the key styles I specialize in. 


We learn to listen deeply to the nervous system and it's messages.


We journey the brain, and all of the information and understandings it has.


We come in contact with the parts of us that carry our burdens, as well as our strengths. 

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