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What Is Attachment Work & Why It Matters

Deep in our biology there are some of the core conditions that we know provide us with some of the core needs we have. The sense of the ability to feel safe, a internal reality that makes sense to us, an experience of close relationships we can find a measure of ease in, a world around us that we experience the ability to move through.

Often these things are linked to the term secure attachment, which has found itself becoming more and more in the vernacular of our society. However, when discussing secure attachment, we are not simple discussing a new way of wording things, which is often what is found in media on Instagram or Facebook. No, we are talking about a deep biological shift that can profound implications on our internal worlds, close relationships and the way we experience the world in general.

My focus within attachment therapy is exploring the working models that make up your implicit understanding of your inner world, and working with you from a bottom-up process to make sense of your inner world, as well as exploring the changes you want to make to that world.

A majority of the clients who find me, will talk about either early childhood experiences that “seemed normal, but lacking something” or experiences in childhood that felt profoundly harmful and demeaning to their development as a person. Now as adults, they are left with an understanding that something needs to change for them, move in a different light, and they are willing to put the work into making this change, but are looking for guidance in this.

When they find me, they have often had exposure to therapy, and know some of the therapeutic language, but still feel like something is lacking.

Recently I had a client recount an experience of working with a prior therapist, where they were coaching him to explore his anxiety, but when he reached into his inner world he just felt chaos. This is often the experiences my clients have from other therapists, because attachment therapy isn’t just having a space to explore, it’s needing a space to construct a new understanding of your own internal reality.

From this way of being, we enter into a co-constructed contract about the work, and begin to work with the seemly invisible forces that have shaped our sense of selves and the world around us. And regardless of whether you are someone who seemly had a nice childhood, or someone that experienced a sense of chaos, come find a space to experience a wholistic sense of healing that takes into account your individualized experience, nervous system, and need for change.

I’ll work with you to change your attachment system, begin to find a new embodied way of being, and work with all elements that have made you to find deeper regulation and healing.

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