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Religious Trauma

Waking Up: A Support Group for Religious Trauma

Our stories, and how we view them,

are important...

Come find a on-going, community that meets weekly to unpack our trauma and how it continues to influence our lives. This group provides readings, resources, meditations, and discussions to cultivate a space that can foster connection and safety. To that aim, this group requires a four-month commitment, in order to provide enough time for our nervous systems to settle with each other. Group members will vote on the subjects they would like to explore during their four-month commitment and we will explore together how our trauma still lives and what healing can look like.  

  • Assistance in unpacking your trauma and your story

  • Create new community

  • Learn to re-author your story

  • Make New Connections

  • Come away with new tools.

*Please note this is a closed-group format. For more info on this term, click here.

Frequently asked questions

How Does The Group Work?

The Group meets for 90-minutes every week, for the four months that members commit to. Members have to agree to commit to only miss one meeting during those four months, outside of planned circumstances. Group members prior to the start of the group will vote on subjects they would like to talk about, and each group meeting provides a space to discuss that subject, talk about resources, common themes, stories, etc. Towards the end of each month one or two group members will take some time to write out one story around that subject they would like to share, and members will spend time listening and digesting the story they choose to share in that meeting.

What Are The Requirements for the Group?

All members are required: 1. To have an individual therapist they are working with 2. To be able to commit to four months of meeting 3. To have a reliable and stable internet connection 4. To be able to respect the format of the group (for example taking turns sharing, not dominating discussion, etc).

Does The Group Meet In-Person?

As of right now, the group will meet online, however when things become safe to meet in person again, we will discuss.

How Long Are The Group Sessions?

90 minutes long.

How Do I Sign Up?

All members are required to meet with David Hayden, for a 20-minute interview to discuss what they would like to get from the group and determine best fit.

How Do I Pay For The Group?

Payments can be made via paypal either in installments or one lump sum. Cost Per Session: $45 Cost Per Month: $180 Cost In Total: $720

How Many People Are In The Group?

Most groups have around 8 members, though some groups have only had 6.

What Are Topics We Might Choose To Talk About?

This is totally up to you! Some suggestions that other group members have brought are how religious trauma impacts them in the following areas of life: -Relationships -Communication -Conflict -Personal Identity -Sexuality -Money -Shame -Attachment -Mental Health

Next Start Date:

March 21st - May 23rd

March 14th