Religious Trauma 


Come discover a community-building space of like-minded people, interested in healing and growing together. 

All Hands In

What is an Intensive?

Intensives are one-day workshop events, oriented around Religious Trauma subjects. Intensives include a variety of activities, from psychoeducational, to story tellings to tools to begin to unpack your trauma. 

What does an intensive generalLy look like?

Intensives are in-person in SE Portland, and tend to last three to four hours. We often have a framework for what subject we will focus on, as well as some activities, and then we let group members show up and collaborate on what's important for them to dive into. 

Calm Sea
Footprints on Sand

Next  Intensive 
May 7th 
10-3 pm
Deadline to sign up: April 22nd 

In order to sign up, you will need to complete a free consultation with David or Natasha. To coordinate this please complete the below form.  

Cost: $125

Meet Your Facilitators 


David Hayden

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Natasha Laumei

Natasha is an EMDR trained therapist who incorporates mindfulness, feminism, and creativity into her work with clients. She brings humor, direct and open dialogue, mild to moderate profanity, deep empathy and non-judgment into the room with clients.

Her approach with religious trauma is informed by her own lived experiences and she emphasizes the value of this shared experience in her work with clients navigating and healing from their own religious trauma and abuse. 

David is a Somatic Experiencing, IFS informed, and EMDR trained therapist. He often works with clients to heal from attachment wounds and has specialized in working with Religious Trauma survivors for over five years. 

His therapeutic style and approach to work with is one that mixes psychoeducational, genuine presence, and deep engagement in order to facilitate the healing process. 

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