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Religious Trauma 


Come discover a community-building space of like-minded people, interested in healing and growing together. 

All Hands In

What is an Workshop?

Workshops are weekend events, oriented around Religious Trauma subjects. Intensives include a variety of activities, from psychoeducational to story tellings to tools to begin to unpack your trauma. 

What does an Workshop generalLy look like?

Intensives include a variety of activities that are varied throughout the day. Some of the activities we might do for an intensive are:

  • Parts Work (IFS or Ego States Work)

  • Somatic Practices

  • Movement Practices

  • Group EMDR

  • Teaching

Group therapy
Calm Sea
Footprints on Sand

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Meet Your Facilitator 


David Hayden

David is a Somatic Experiencing, IFS informed, and EMDR trained therapist. He often works with clients to heal from attachment wounds and has specialized in working with Religious Trauma survivors for over five years. 

His therapeutic style and approach to work with is one that mixes psychoeducational, genuine presence, and deep engagement in order to facilitate the healing process. 

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