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FAQ for EMDR Intensives

Updated: Apr 3

Questions regarding Intensives? Well You've Come to The Right Place


What Do Intensives Tend to Look Like?

Intensives fall into two categories: Three Hour and Six Hour services

Three Hour:

Three hours of in-person therapy completed over one day.

Six Hour:

  • One-hour session completed a couple of days prior to Intensive

  • Fours-hour session, with a lunch break, and other breaks as needed, completed in one day

  • One-hour follow-up session, completed one to two weeks after Four-hour session

Are Intensives Covered by Insurance?

What is the cost of an Intensive?

Where do Intensives happen?

What kind of research supports intensives

What kind of outcomes might I expect from an Intensive?

How do you like to approach Intensives?

What are things I can have in my life that might support an Intensive?

Are there things that would make an Intensive not right for me?

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