Currently offering online sessions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home measures.

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Connection is something we all want, it’s in our very bones to want it. But connection is also deeply scary, and we can do so many things to try and avoid it from manipulation to flat out numbing ourselves. And yet the desire for it is still there. Connection, working with individuals to connect more to themselves and open to others is what I specialize in.



From those who have undergone some sort of traumatic experience, to those struggling with codependency to integration from experiences we don’t really understand my approach to therapy is one that starts from an understanding that each individual is unique in their concerns and needs.

Come find a therapy that isn’t about some far off “healing” concept but one that seeks to understand your personal goals, wants and desires.

*Please note that at this time I am providing Teletherapy only to Oregon residences.

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Attachment for Adults

From anxiety to depression to significant life changes, find a therapy that works for you.

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Somatic Experiencing

A form of therapy focused on helping your nervous system come into balance, helping us release stress and anxiety.

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From religion to difficult childhood experiences, to psychdelic integration finding the right help is just as important as finding help

Praying Hands

Waking Up

A Support Group for Religious Trauma

Pick Me Ups