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Connection is something we all want, it’s in our very bones to want it. But connection is also deeply scary, and we can do so many things to try and avoid it from manipulation to flat out numbing ourselves. And yet the desire for it is still there. Connection, working with individuals to connect more to themselves and open to others is what I specialize in.



From those who have undergone trauma, to those seeking to discover a secure way of relating I provide an approach to therapy that seeks to collaborate with you in your healing, understand your unique needs and provide a space to offer embodiment.  

I do this by working directly with your attachment style and nervous systems to create an individualized space. Utilizing tools from Somatic Experiencing, to EMDR, come find a therapy that isn’t with just another therapist asking how you feel about something, or seeking some far-off healing concept, but one that seeks to understand your personal goals, wants and desires, and works with you to find a path forward.


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